Can I rescue that hip?

While cutting a huge climber I managed to cut off a branch, that carried an important hip. Hybridization was on 10th of June and the hip looks good so far. I have now a twig of 30cm length with 6 sets of leaves immersed in tap water. There is no fungal disease on it.

It is one of two hips of this cross. Would be really nice to save this, as the pollen parent did apparentely not work in any other combination and it’s ability to produce hips is neglible.

What can I do to get further developement of the hip?

I don’t have access to facilities for sterile work.

Hoping for advice Ulrike

I don’t know if it would work… but I guess you’ve got nothing to lose by trying :slight_smile: I wonder if you could strike it as a cutting maybe?

A cutting sounds like a great idea Simon. If things look iffy, and if you expect things are about to fail at some point, perhaps you can use Don Holeman’s technique described under the articles section of the website to remove the embryos from their coats and get them to germinate (don’t need tissue culture resources). Hopefully they would be developed enough.

In the plant propagation class I teach we take sweet corn from the grocery store (fresh) and excise and germinate the embryos inside. After they are freed from the endosperm, etc. the germination inhibitors are no longer hindering them and they can germinate even when small, but more care is needed as they have less energy reserves than a mature seed.

Thanks Simon and David.

Cuttings are usually much shorter, but the stem contains nutrients for the hip. What do you think about this: Take the twig as long as it is (30cm) to keep all those resources and removing all leaves to minimize evaporation. Put it with rooting hormone in commercial seed compost and create a high humidity chamber with a plastic bag on top.

What about temperature and light? Just now we have a heat wave with temperatures aproaching 30degree celsius =86 degree Fahrenheit (well, for Germany this is very hot :wink:

Is it better to find a shaded spot outside or would a slightly cooler windowsill indoors be more promising?

I had a similar situation once. I just kept it in a vase on the window ledge. I cut about 1 centimeter off the bottom of the stem every few days and changed the water. I believe I gave it something like Miracle Gro from a diluted dripper bottle for African Violets lol. Dont judge!! – it was near by and I wasnt gonna buy something for a few hips lol. Anyways, I harvested in September. It was a bit early but the seeds looked okay. I dont recall germination.

Hi Jadae,

I think I am going to try it in your way. It will get diluted liquid fertilizer with micronutrients and I will keep a close eye on it. And I am going to keep it as clean as possible (eg. wash the vase very hot and avoid algae by using a vase that is not translucent). For how long did you keep yours in water?

You could try an approach “type” graft to another rose.

Hi Ulrike,

I would leave the leaves on, especially if you decide to try to root the cutting. I ripened iris seeds similarly to that described by Jadae above and had good germination.

Best wishes!

Jim Sproul