Can anyone ID this climber?

Peter, thank you, I have now looked up ‘Sea Foam’ on HMF.

Mine is very close to Sea Foam’s description, except for the growth habit. A mature specimen of mine will scale a 2 storey building.

I know my warm/hot climate influences the growth patterns for our roses…hmmmm

This picture was posted higher up, but got lost.

I suppose when I think about it more carefully, the leaves are not exactly overly-miniaturised, and the flower is 2.5 inches across when fully opened…hmmm maybe it is not really a very ‘miniaturised’ climber after all?

One day I might get off my butt and drive up to the rose grower with ‘specimen in hand’, and he can settle the matter of Sea Foam for me. If I ever do this, I will post his opinion here.

Here are the same flowers as pictured above, now a few days older. They typically lose their blush overlay to become absolute pure white.

Sadly, they also lose their mild fragrance as they age.

Sometimes a whole lot of these blooms will appear at once on this climber, causing many trails of pure white bloom.