Can anyone comment on 'Borderer'?

Healthy, fertility, ploidy?

Has anyone worked with Borderer since Rob posted the initial query?


The photos make it seem as if it would make a splendid weeper.

I’m fairly certain that I received this one from Rogue Valley, but I recall that it had disappointing disease resistance (either black spot or something similar); I’m not sure if it’s still with me, but I don’t think I still have it. I did not try to use it in any crosses.


I had once considered this rose because its bred from a rose that likely can pass on some race resistance, and its a short diploid. However, I grew Belinda’s Dream a long time ago, and it was such a mess in this climate. Truly sad. I also got the feeling it might be prone to downy, so I took a pass at the gamble.

Belinda’s Dream was no dream for me in the Mid-Atlantic, either. I’ve tried it twice and had the same result each time. On the other hand, I know someone who gardens in a nearby town who had no issues with it whatsoever… I would imagine that it boils down to the disease strains we’ve accumulated. We had a nearly identical experience with Francis Meilland. From a breeding standpoint, I’m glad to have the kind of strain diversity and climate that can seriously challenge the black spot resistance of most roses, but it can be frustrating as a gardener.