Call for Submissions


The Uncommon Rose invites any rose hybridizers to submit their favorite selections from their own breeding program for evaluation and possible introduction into commerce. Any and all types of rose hybrids are eligible for submission. We require two well-established plants of each seedling submitted, and the plants can be grafted (tell us what rootstock you have used, if applicable) or own-root. The plants you submit do not have to be large as long as they have a well-developed root system and are deemed capable of travelling well by mail/courier, and are judged to be capable of establishing a healthy specimen once planted in the test garden. Our climate here is moderate and we find that we can grow all but the tenderest of varieties. (Some Teas and Giganteas suffer when we have freeze events, European once-bloomers do well and receive the minimum number of chill-hours to grow properly)

All submissions are made at the hybridizers expense, and The Uncommon Rose accepts no responsibility for plants lost or damaged in transit. In no way does The Uncommon Rose’ acceptance of submissions guarantee commercial release: all submissions are subject to at least 2 years evaluation period. Submissions which do not meet our requirements will be discarded at our discretion. The Uncommon Rose is under no obligation to return culled submissions to the hybridizer. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at the email link provided above.

Thank you,

S. Lohn, The Uncommon Rose