Call for articles--summer RHA Newsletter

For those who are members of RHA (and there’s no better deal in rosedom), this is just a reminder. For others, it’s a request for sharing of ideas.

The featured symposia in the summer Newsletter will include:

Beginner’s Luck–

This specializes in topics that may be more useful for those who are relatively new at this fascinating hobby, but are mostly useful to all.


Breeding with Species and Near-Species Roses–

Here’s a good place to share your species and near-species encounters. This includes such varieties as Golden Wings, Suzanne, and even the R. bracteata and Hulthemia hybrids of Ralph Moore and others. I know some are working to create amphidiploids and other nickel-word sorts of plants. Let us hear from you about your successes and failures and those things that may be a bit of both.

Tom Silvers looks like one good candidate for writing an article, and I know there are others.

I can handle almost any format except .wps, and I don’t mind getting the text in the body of an email.

Don’t be an alien: Share with us, and we’ll share with you.

Any time you want to send me something for the Newsletter is fine, but I am beginning to assemble material for the summer Newsletter now, and I’d like to get that on the way for publication within the next 3-4 weeks, so if you have some ideas about what you’d like to write, don’t be bashful about sending your material in.



Just a reminder–

Please get me your articles, notes, and questions. Tom Silver sent me a good article, and I’m sure some others are out there in your heads, so get them to me so we can share them in the Summer issue of the Newsletter. Tell us about your experiences with species roses and near-species varieties.


I’m aiming to get the summer issue of the Newsletter together by June 20 or 21, so please send me your articles, comments, questions, notes on experiments you tried, news of exciting new seedlings, relatively brief personal biographies (for the ongoing series called “Who We Are”), and whatever else only a hybridizer and rose lover could find interesting.

Remember that as usual we have the Beginner’s Luck symposium (for which I just got a contribution from Kate Wuertzer–thanks, Kate), and we also have the “Breeding with Species and Near-Species Roses” symposium. So far I have 3 short-to-moderate length articles (and one other article of unknown length promised–which I’ll not publish unless I get it) for this symposium, but space is still available for your article. So be a good person and send it already… and you’ll probably become rich and famous.

And those of you who use this online forum and aren’t yet members–join RHA. RHA membership is the best deal in the world of roses. You can afford it.


This is a last call for articles for this issue. If you’ve been thinking about sending me something for the summer Newsletter, now is the time. I’m beginning to put the Newsletter together, but I still have some space–and any extra articles will get used in the Fall issue, so don’t feel that you’ll overburden me if you send something.

I’d especially like to have some more of those short biographic sketches for our “Who We Are” series. It’s not quite like blowing your horn, you know, to let people know what you do for a living, how you got interested in hybridizing roses, and maybe some of your emphases in hybridizing. How long should they be? Aim for 100 words or so, but if you have more to say, say it. If you’ve been hybridizing roses for a long time, you’re entitled to more–as a reward for all the suffering and enjoyment you’ve put yourself through. If you found it interesting to read a bit about your fellow rose hybridizers, return the favor and let them read about you.