Call for articles--Spring Newsletter

Topics for the Spring RHA Newsletter:

Beginner’s LUck–

Any ideas, hints or tips, practices or ?? which might be useful to the beginning hybridizer or any hybridizer.

My Best/favorite Seed/Pollen Parent and Why I Like it


Breeding for Disease Resistance/Breeding for Pest Resistance

(If you have a variety that is not bothered by Japanese beetles or midge, etc.)

Of course I’ll be happy to accept articles or comments/observations of any length (or just a question you want answered) on any rose/hybridizing related subject.

If you’re a member and haven’t yet sent in a short bio of yourself or a discussion of your objectives and why you have chosen them, I’d surely like to have that for the “Who we Are” section.

Please get these articles (or whatever you choose to write) to me as soon as possible. I had originally set March 20 as a deadline, but I can probably accept them until March 25 or so. Our publishers will be traveling in April, and I’d like to get the Newsletter in the mail before Larry and Mary hit the road. Help me put them to work.

I accept submissions by email, either through the link by my name above or by attachment sent to my email address (which you may find on the inside of the front of the Newsletter–or which you may get by using the link by my name above, or by land mail to my address (which you may obtain by the same methods mentioned above).