Call for articles, notes, queries, etc--Summer 2009 RHA News

Please send me your articles, notes, questions, and short autobiographical sketches for the Summer 2009 issue of the RHA Newsletter.

If you have already written something, please send that now. And if you haven’t written anything yet, please write something. Share your experience(s) with others, and we’ll all learn by sharing.

In the Spring Newsletter, I asked for articles to be sent by May 20 so that we could get the issue out early in June. May 20 has passed, and so have 10 more days.

Have I received even one article on the Breeding for my Favorite Color symposium topic?

No. In a word–NO.

What about the Beginners Luck category?

Same sad story. No articles.

Anything else that might be useful to a beginner–or something that you learned as a beginner–is also OK. Anyone who can multitask well enough to grow roses and sling pollen and operate a computer well enough to find this web site is bound to have something to say in this category. You may be sure that this category is not exhausted. I learn something new from every issue, and I’ll bet most of you do too, “beginners” or not. If you know how to multitask as defined above, you are qualified to write for the Newsletter.

About that symposium topic . . .

If you really don’t have a favorite color, or one that you are most interested in improving, you are a most unusual person. One thing I’m sure of: Everyone can write about what he or she has done (or has tried to do, just in case the efforts haven’t paid off yet).

Maybe you have come up with an unusual color, or you’ve gotten some really good seedlings in a particular color by using a parent you (and lots of others) wouldn’t have expected to give that unusual color, or such a good number of seedling of excellent color depth or stability. Or maybe in working for a particular color you have come up with something you’d not expect. Get on the program: get me an article about it. Tell us the story. You know more about it than anyone else does.

Please remember that this is your Newsletter. I will try to get it published on time if you will get me articles. June 1 is the approximate publication date for the summer issue, but you can see that won’t happen this time. As always, I need your help in the form of stuff I can publish. I’m always willing to work with you on an article, but we all need your ideas, so please share those ideas.

Please try to get your articles to me within the next 10 days, by June 10, so that the issue can be in the mail to you before our publisher leaves for an extended trip to the rose conference in Vancouver, BC.


I wrote a biography. You will probably have to read it however. I am notorious for being bad at grammer and spell check is a friend and a enemy at the same time.

Adam, thank you for your article. It will appear in the Summer issue.

Thanks also to two others who have sent in articles on non-symposium (but very worthwhile) subjects.

As of this hour and day, I have not yet received any articles for the Breeding for my Favorite Color symposium. If you are planning to write something for that symposium (naturally, you should substitute your favorite color for “Favorite Color” in the symposium topic) or you have already written it, you don’t have to wait until June 10 (next Wednesday) to send it to me. As soon as I get enough articles, I will get the issue on its way to you.

The Spring 2003 issue was the first with me as editor, so the Spring 2009 issue was my 25th. Just a few minutes ago, I was looking over a list of our members and was able to count 44 who had contributed at least one article over the past 6 years (and one issue). If I exclude those who hold positions in RHA, the number drops to 38 (about 17%). This is not a bad percentage for an organization of this sort, but this total does include 6 years, so it’s not quite as good as it might seem at first glance. Some members have contributed several articles over the years, and some only one. We’ve had some very good articles over these years, and I thank all who have contributed.

If you’ve not made your mark in the Newsletter, or if you’ve not contributed for several years, think about what you can share with us. This is your publication. Join the list of those who have helped make it as good and useful as it is.


The RHA has the full spectrum of members, from professionals to people who are interested in rose breeding, but have not yet tried it. The Newsletter should have articles that speak to everyone. So, no matter what your level of experience, you have something to share with others - even if it is a bunch of questions - that would be “food for thought” for the next Newsletter. As a new rose breeder, you may have found out a way to accomplish something that works well for you that might help someone just getting into the hobby to be successful. This is a great group of folks. Please send in 1 or 3 paragraphs (especially those of you who have thought about it, but haven’t yet done it!)

Happy rose growing!

Jim Sproul

I’d love to write an article about Breeding For My Favorite Color, but I’m still trying to figure it all out! How about an article about different variations of my favorite color?


Go for it, Fa.