Call for articles, notes, queries, etc--Summer 2008 RHA News


Once again it is time for me to begin getting the Newsletter issue together. If the stars are in the right position, and the submissions are in the right position (my Inbox or mailbox), I’ll get the Summer RHA Newsletter on its way to the printer by the end of May so that you can receive your copy in the mail fairly early in June. But as usual, I need your help since this is your newsletter.

If you have never received a copy of the quarterly RHA Newsletter, you are no doubt wondering how you may do so. I won’t insult your intelligence by saying “Simple, just go to the Home Page and click on the link that looks most promising.” However, if you want to join and you do go to the Home Page and look around, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for.

The Newsletter is published 4 times per year–professionally printed, with color pictures. It is printed on 11x17 paper which is saddle-stitched and folded to make a thin booklet. It arrives flat in an envelope which keeps it from getting messed up.

The current annual dues of $10 (in the US) doesn’t quite cover the cost of printing and mailing the 4 issues of the Newsletter to you, but we will keep that price for this year. The international cost is slightly higher, but still very reasonable. Any future increase will be small, as this is not a profit-driven enterprise.

We’d like to have new members because we need younger people who will take over in the not-so-distant future. Some of us have been 39 or 40 years old for a decade or two and will soon enter the early years of old age. (I’m one of the younger members, and I joined RHA in early 1972, so you know I’m 39 or so.)

Your membership dues help support this web site and the other things that RHA does, and I don’t think you can find a better bargain in the world of roses. If you’re a non-member and you have been posting here (some who have posted here for 3 or 4 years–or more–are not members), please consider becoming a member and supporting this forum. If you can buy one rose plant (for your breeding stable, of course), and get it shipped to you for less than the cost of a year’s RHA dues, you should share that information with all of us.

If you don’t want to write a check, we can handle your dues through PayPal. Just email me or Larry Peterson or John Moe or Jim, our webmaster, and we’ll get you the information you need so you can help keep us alive. We need your membership and we need your ideas, and RHA gives you a way to help others and to learn from them about a fascinating hobby.

Now, just in case you’ve forgotten the main purpose of this posting, here it is:

I need your submissions for the next issue of the Newsletter.

I am happy to take brief notes (maybe a paragraph long?), articles (more than one paragraph), queries (If you’d like to have something answered or discussed in the Newsletter, send it to me), etc. on any hybridizing-related topic. And I’m also happy to get members’ biographical sketches,

The announced symposium topics for the coming issue:

***Beginner’s Luck (anything you think would be useful information for someone who is just starting, or someone who is experienced but doesn’t know everything yet. This topic appears in every issue.)

***Ways to Succeed with Difficult Parents (if you’ve managed to get a “difficult” parent to produce seeds–or help produce seeds, if the pollen is not so potent or plentiful, please share your insights and techniques).

Please send me your submissions as soon as possible, preferably by May 20-25 so that I can get the Newsletter put together by the end of May. I can accept your submissions in the body of an email (even from the link by my name) or as an attachment to email (check with me for file formats I can handle), or, yes, handwritten, typed, or printed on paper if you prefer to use land mail.


I got the article on R. persica from ILL (Colo State). It was in English basically. I’ll try to summarize for the newsletter the very interesting, indeed to me remarkable information contained therein. Hulthemia has a northern range to a latitude equivalent of roughly Calgary Canada. Also it is (was?) considered a noxious weed in some places.

As of today, I’ve received ZERO articles on the symposium topic Ways to Succeed with Difficult Parents.

If you’ve been planning to send in an article but you’ve just been holding off to see if my hair turns gray, you’ve done a good job.

If you’re just shy, stop worrying–we won’t put in our picture. If you don’t send an article, I may put your picture on the post office wall, but that’s a different achievement.

If your English isn’t great, stop worrying and start writing–I’ll take care of the English.

Please share your ideas. Sharing ideas makes us all better. Sharing means that we don’t all have to begin at the beginning. Think how much you have learned from the experience of others, and try to share what you have learned or questions you have had.

I need your contributions if I’m to put out the Newsletter, and I would like to get the Newsletter on its way this coming week, but I need help from you, so if you’ve forgotten to send in something, try to remember what it was and get it to me soon. See above for details.


Hi Peter,

I just sent you a draft review of some fragrance research articles. Be gentle with me on the editing, I’m very sensitive.

Hopefully I’ll get my dues paid shortly so I can get a copy of the newsletter when it comes out :slight_smile:

This evening I learned that someone had not been able to send a message to me through the email link. If you need to reach me and the link doesn’t work, just write to me at peter.harris.g at

(put it in the standard email address format)


I sent a short one-pager this morning. Hope it’s not too late!

Jim Sproul