Call for articles for the Summer 2010 Newsletter

Friends, if you’ve been waiting for just the right time to send in articles for the Summer RHA Newsletter, it is suddenly that time. Please share your thoughts on How Seedlings Improve as they Mature. This is the topic of the main summer symposium.

As usual, we are happy to have articles on any topic you want to write about. The Beginner’s Luck symposium can accommodate almost any topic of general interest, as well as those articles intended especially to help those who are just getting started in hybridizing. Practical tips on any subject are good too.

You may send your articles by postal service, or by email either in the body of the message or as attachments (preferably in one of these formats: .rtf, .doc, .docx, .wpd, or .txt). Send articles to me or to rhaeditor at (change the “at” to the @ symbol, of course). If you have questions about whether an article would be useful, or if you’re having some trouble getting an article started, just email me.

Please remember that this is your Newsletter, so please share your observations and thoughts. The collective knowledge of 250 members is much greater than that of a few.


Hey gang! I just sent in my contribution to the symposium topic this month - How can you tell from the first bloom whether a seedling is worth keeping? Do rose seedlings improve in petal count? petal substance? disease resistance? other characteristics? Peter says that he needs a few more articles from you to make this summer issue a go. I know that all of you can sit down and write a short bit about how you evaluate the seedlings you have, e.g., what makes you keep them for further evaluation or what makes you toss them out. The variety of writers and their take on a subject is what makes every issue one that is not only enjoyable to sit and read, but educational as well. Please do it this week!

Just a reminder–

Your Newsletter needs articles from you. Please share your experience by writing an article for the summer issue. The topics are discussed in the first posting of this thread.

If you have been waiting for someone else to write the article about your experience, I’m sorry: “someone else” hasn’t done it. The summer Newsletter is no closer to completion than it was 10 days ago.

Probably many of you are making crosses at this time of the year (I am), but if you’ll take an hour to share your observations related to the symposium topic, you’ll get back a lot more than you put in. You’ll get the thoughtful observations of many other RHA members–a really good return on investment.

Please send your articles this weekend.


Yet another reminder, and a Thank You to two members.

I’ve received two articles since my reminder was posted on June 9: Tom Silvers and Larry Davis, thank you.

If you who have never grown seedlings or have never taken the time to look at the seedlings you grew, you get a pass on this.

The rest of you? It’s time. Please share your observations of how (whether?) seedlings improve as they mature.

Your Newsletter needs your observations–and it still has plenty of room for your article, whether it’s about that subject or some other subject you find interesting. Chances are that if you find it interesting others will too, so please write it and send it in so that we can get the summer Newsletter on its way to you.


It gives a hybridizer a great deal of satisfaction when some of their hybrids make it to the trophy table in one of the largest shows in the area. Yesterday at the Seattle Rose Show, there were two of hers that were winners. The Queen of Miniatures was ‘Marilyn Wellan’, from another exhibitor, and the Best Miniflora was ‘Hot To Trot’ exhibited by Mitchie. ‘Hot To Trot’ is the vivid orange red shown on the cover of the Fall 2006 RHA newsletter.

I am sure that many of you are looking at some of your new seedlings and are hoping to have them on the court in a big show someday. How about writing an article on how some of your seedlings are doing? I know Peter would really like to have some contributions from a bunch of you. Remember this OUR newsletter.