Call for articles for the Spring 2010 Newsletter

Please send me your articles, notes, questions, and short autobiographical sketches for the Spring 2010 issue of the RHA Newsletter.

The announced symposium topics for the Spring Newsletter:

The Dumbest Hybridizing Trick I ever Pulled

Peter, can you refresh my memory please? What was on the cover of the last newsletter? I don’t remember seeing it or receiving it shrugs

The most recent issue was mailed January 20. See the link below.

If you’ve not received your copy yet, Larry Peterson will check into the matter if you get in touch with him.


Peter, I am very sorry you thought my ‘shrug’ was a sign of indifference. I can assure you it wasn’t intended that way. It was more an expression of genuine confusion. I’m very sorry if you were offended and hope you can forgive this oversight. I will be more careful in future.

Gestures often mean different things in different cultures–apparently the case here. I’m glad you don’t think the Newsletter is a matter of indifference. A lot of people put a lot of thought and work into the articles that appear in it, sharing personal hybridizing experience or original research or both. If you like an article, you should let people know. Likewise, if you have questions after reading an article, ask. That is why the author’s email address is given.

Larry explained why your Newsletter hadn’t been mailed. Apparently PayPal failed to notify him that you had renewed–or the notification had gone astray (sometimes email actually does go astray or gets stuck somewhere when bits flip the wrong way; fortunately, such events are rare)


It’s all good. I look forward to reading it over the next few days. Thanks again.

If you have written an article for the Newsletter and have held off on sending it to me, please send it ASAP. The Newsletter will have a different and much more attractive look, but it needs your input. Remember that it is your Newsletter. Share your ideas.

I’ve received ZERO articles on the main symposium topic, The Dumbest Hybridizing Trick I ever Pulled

Today I received contributions for the “Dumbest Hybridizing Trick” symposium from Julie Overom and Paul Geurts.

That makes two.

Who will make it three?

You get points for making good use of your learning experience.