Call for articles, fall RHA Newsletter

Over the years various hybridizers have felt that some varieties transmit more of some characteristics when they

Today I was sent one short article, but one article does not make an issue. There’s still lots of room for an article by you.


Let’s all help Peter with a bunch of short snippets about anything that you are noticing/observing in your seedlings/crosses! Don’t put it off, share your thoughts today - even one or two paragraphs!

Jim Sproul

I’ve been trying to get the fall issue together.

I’ve received 4 very short articles on this subject, and only 9 of the issue’s 20 pages are filled. This issue should have been in your mailboxes before now.

I really do need your help.

If you can’t write on the symposium topic, I’d appreciate your contributions ASAP on any subject you feel that you can write about, including you (if you’ve not yet sent in a short bio) for the “Who we are” series. I know that modesty prevents you, but–set modesty aside and at least say a bit about your rose-hybridizing obsession and how it got started.

Did I say I really do need your help?

If I didn’t say it, I meant to: you should know by now that I do.


The fall issue of the Newsletter has at last gone to press. Probably it will be delivered throughout the US by about the first of December. A big thank you to all who contributed. I’m sorry it’s so late, but it’s one of those AINO problems: article-in, Newsletter-out. Got no AI, got no NO.

Please consider writing something for the next issue. I would like to get this out by early January, so get that writing done soon. The main symposium topic will be “Crosses I’m Going to Make this Year, and Why.” I hope you will all contribute without my having to get on here and ask 3 times (see the 3 postings above).