Call for articles--Fall 2009 Newsletter

Please send me articles, notes, questions, and short autobiographical sketches for the Fall 2009 issue of the RHA Newsletter.

So far I’ve not received any articles on the Recurrent Bloom symposium topic.

Maybe you can share what you have learned about improving recurrence or maintaining or regaining recurrence when making crosses that involve non-recurrent parents.

Or maybe you have had an experience with the cross of two recurrent roses that surprisingly yielded one or more once-blooming seedlings.

Articles are welcome on any subject that might be of interest to beginning and experienced hybridizers. And that includes almost anything about hybridizing. What might that include? Maybe just a small thing you’ve noticed that might affect our success in breeding roses–including recommendations of good sources for some piece of equipment we might need (good brushes? good pollen containers? budding patches? You name it…).

I’d like to send this issue to press by the end of the first week of September, so please get your articles, notes, bios, or other written contributions in soon.