Caldwell Pink...

I’m assuming this “earth kind” rose is probably sterile, but I was wondering if anyone has much familiarity with it.

I have never seen a spot of disease on the thing, and rather enjoy the color of the foliage which turns quite bronze in the fall. It does have a bit of an awkward growth pattern – zig-zagging with new growth forming at the “neck” of still-blooming trusses of blossoms – but the little guy has a lot of merit.

OK, it really could use a bit of fragrance too…

Has anyone ever attempted to use it? Know its ploidy?


Whether it’s ‘Pink Pet’ or a true unknown, it still has only a climbing sport listed as a descendant. If it’s a China, as is likely, it’s probably diploid.

I think I got a few odd hips to form on occasion.

Couple days, no effusive responses… Doesn’t sound too promising, eh?

Is the lack of crossing due to difficulty, or lack of enthusiasm for this parent?

It’s very double