Butterscotch (LCl) in Hybridizing

As there are no reported offspring of the Warriner Butterscotch climber, I was wondering whether anyone has tried to use it, either as a seed or as a pollen parent. I don’t know if it produces hips, but if it doesn’t that answers the seed parent question.



21rst Century is supposedly bred from “Butterscotch” but I have no clue which one.

I know a lady that grows the climber, but I cant recall if it had hips or not. It might. I bet it will though.

It sets hips. Mine is covered with labels at the moment. As you know Butterscotch is bred from Royal Sunset.

I’ve been experimenting with Royal Sunset the last few seasons.

Thank you both. Mine survived the move (it was new for me just prior thereto) and is starting to bloom. I love the color and the form isn’t at all bad.


I suspect disease resistance is only average.

There is some propensity to mildew and I note blackspot in one of the photos for ‘21st. Century’.

I’m using it because I have it and I noted that it sets hips.

'JACtan’s Blackspot resistance for me is non-existent. A weak grower as well, IMO.


Sorry to hear it, Robert and Paul. The blooms are quite beautiful. Glad I checked. Thanks!


Butterscotch is vigorous here in the low desert and we see very little blackspot.

I’m sure my specimen is budded which might explain the extra vigor. It is very beautiful and floriferous here this time of year.

I have 21st Century and it blackspots very easy. I don’t believe Astor Petty would have used a climber in this cross and probably used the H.T. Butterscotch. But you never know.


Either is possible because Royal Sunset is a string of HT’s piggybacking onto a climbing sport.

The more I have researched climber since we discussed the usage of climbing sports, the more I have noticed how many of them have been used to create modern LCl’s.

I just received a Butterscotch cl from Uncommon Rose to replace an extremely ugly climbing Lemon Meringue–YUCK!.

I will be interested to see if it sets hips as well. I hope it is disease resistant to at least some degree.


Interesting reaction to ‘Lemon Meringue’. I think Weeks was desperate to introduce a new yellow climber when they took that one on.

UR’s version of ‘Butterscotch’ should be JACtan although I’m sure they also stock the old HT of the same name.

JACtan is at least moderately susceptible to mildew here and apparently it black spots badly. I wouldn’t count on disease resistance.