Buff Beauty

I’m curious. My Buff Beauty, which has been said to be a triploid, is completely covered in hips. Since this is my first season not deadheading it, I’m curious if this is unusual or, in fact, is common for this ‘fertile’ triploid. Even for a fertile triploid, this seems unusual to me. Or possibly the hips are false pregnancies and contain no seeds?

Any thoughts?

“Help Me Find” only lists offspring when it is used as the pollen parent.


Some of those seeds will germinate, I assure you, although the germination rate will be low. With the right pollen parent ‘Buff Beauty’ can indeed function as a seed parent. However, its pollen is more useful.


Henry, I saw that. It made me wonder how there can be so many hips - open pollinated yet!

Thanks Paul. Have you gotten any good seedlings from Buff Beauty?

I have several hips on buff beauty from Joycie as pollen parent. we will see what happens.



I have seen the occasional promising seedling, but they have all faded too fast or been weak growers so far. However, I am sure it is possible to get nice things if you hit on the right combination. I moved to working with Crepuscule instead, as it has VERY fertile pollen and produces some very nice things with the right seed parent. Try putting it on strong yellow Floribundas.

The results I got from Buff Beauty were too few and too far between for my liking, but if you work at it, perhaps…


Thanks for the help, Paul!