Buff Beauty X R. willmottiae

I had pollinated Buff Beauty early in the season and was watching the hips grow nicely and today one of the hips fell to the ground. I opened it and there were seven seeds inside of which 5 passed the float test. I can’t believe I have seeds soaking in June. I would estimate they were between 80 to 90 days old.


Just out of curiousity, what color were the seeds? Did they appear to have a ripened color to them? Good luck with these seeds…very interesting cross pocajun.

Well, I have never used ripened to describe the color of seeds but that is real close. Sort of medium brown with some light orange mixed in. Real hard for me to describe. And all different sizes also. Hope they germinate and don’t die due to incompatability.


I used ‘ripened’ for a lack of a better term. lol I hope you get some good germination and something interesting from this cross. I always liked Buff Beauty. Good luck Patrick.

Me too re: Buff Beauty. Im getting Sunshine next year, but Im also considering Buff Beauty too. I, in fact, do need something to replace the ugliest English rose Ive ever grown to date, Pat Austin. I thought it would be pretty and novel. But it hugs the ground and fades in overcast weather even at the 3 year mark =(

‘Roberta Bondar’ is out of Buff Beauty and is hardy and disease resistant. I have some hips using it now. It’s very vigorous!

‘Roberta Bondar’…another excellent rose.