Budwood panic

I am suddenly and unexpectedly in possession of about 60 scions from four different cultivars of R. omeiensis pteracantha, recently collected from the wild in China. These are budding out fast, and need to be rescued quickly.

I have no rootstock at hand and so they are in the fridge while I figure out the next step. This is anyway far more than I need, so I would like to hear from anyone who might want to take some off my hands for the price of postage.

Three of these are winged, one is a cross with hugionis (i.e, would be considered ‘pteragonis’).


dholeman1 ~at~ cox ~ net

Hi Don,

Unfortunately it appears some of that wood is past the ideal budding stage: anything that has expanded and shows fresh green is pretty much to developed to use for budding, in my experience. How unfortunate that I have no understock prepared at this point in the season. :frowning:



Hi Don,

Do you think these scions would form roots if potted? If so I will take a “pteragonis”.

You can email me to get my address.



They seem far for traditional rooting. I’d probably try hydrorooting of some sort, although I have never tried it myself, it seems like a safer bet.

There is another process (stenting?) where you do a cleft graft or similar to a section of rootstock. The rootstock roots and the graft heals at the same time. David Z. wrote about this in the RHA newsletter some years back.

Paul, have you ever tried removing a primary bud, and then budding as normal (with the expectation that the more dormant secondary buds will push out later)?

I googled “hydro rooting” and most of the websites deal with marijuana.:slight_smile: So now I know how you heard about it. LOL

I could get a PropaGator 600 Plant Hydro - Rooting - Cloning Machine on e-bay for $69.99. but I don’t think I will.

Couldn’t I treat it the same as a soft wood cutting? Plant it in a container and cover it with plastic. But leave the plastic open just a little for some ventilation.

Paul Jerabek is going to send me some cuttings in June. I thought that he’d want to do it this spring. But he always does his cuttings in June. He’s been doing this for a very long time, so must know what he’s doing. Why couldn’t I treat these the same?

If I had some rootstock I would try stenting.


Species in this group tend to be extremely difficult to root even under the very best of circumstances - and bud break in spring is just about the worst time to root even the most willing roses.

What Stefan said is very true: these are extremely difficult to root even under ideal conditions.

And no, I have never tried to bud by breaking off the main bud under these conditions. It may be worth a try, though.


Yeah, hydroponics gets a bad name cause of all of the dumb weed heads.

Once I was in a speech class a few years. After I introduced myself like we all had to do, some moron got the idea that horticulture meant weed grower…and asked me for some after the class …lmao. Seriously! How sad is that lol. The common perception of the word horticulture is linked to weed :frowning: