Breeding Winter- Hardy and Disease Resistant Roses

For those interested, a Power Point presentation on Breeding Winter- Hardy and Disease Resistant Roses by Dr. Neville Arnold and Catherine Arnold has been uploaded by The Denver Rose Society. The presentation was given at the National Convention & Rose Show, The Denver Rose Society in the Spring of 2008 and can be viewed by following the link below.

We hope you will enjoy the view.

Dr. Neville…

Very nice presentation.

I was wondering if it could be copied to the ARS website for programs?

I’m sure that anyone interested in starting a hobby of breeding new roses would find it very informative.

Hi Meg:

The ARS is more than welcome to copy the presentation. Perhaps it can be done directly from the Denver Rose Society and if not I can send you or the ARS a CD.

All the very best!


Let me get in touch with the chairman of ARS programs and ask John Mattia which would be the best way to get your program on the ARS web-site.


Hi Meg:

Your interest and efforts are really appreciated.

If John Mattia needs to contact me he can do so at or

Many thanks.