Breeding roses for the kitchen?

If your life is in the doldrums and your diet is no better, maybe, instead of the natural mellowing agents in ketchup, you need the excitement in roses. See link below.



Rosa rugosa alba petals seem like they’d be good for oils and some odd delicacy in salads or something, LOL! – but definitely not florist roses X_x

Rosa woodsii ultramontana has the most luscious hips I’ve even known! Talk about a kitchen rose, mmm!

Pi Ro 3 is full of vitamin C.

Just grow your own vitamin plant in the back yard and make healthy marmalade with it. :slight_smile:

In Germany they sip “rose liquor” at garden parties in the summer when the roses are in full bloom. It’s made of cognac scented with rose petals and sugar combined with champagne and mineral water. It will get you pretty tipsy, but it is a truly wonderful concoction.

What I also heared was that they caramelized rose-petals. And also with layer off pure chocolade.

I’ve made a sugary spread from late fall petals from fragrant red blooms. (I haven’t sprayed anyroses in three years.) The product is a sensory surprise kicking in both taste and smell when spread on home made white bread.

I’ve also made jam from rugosas, and it’s subtle.

Someday I want to make jam from Roxburghii singles and from canina and from eglanteria.

Im going to have to figure out a way to make something good like all of this gluten-free lol, especially since I have the majority of the above.

Carmelized rose petals in chocolate… (turns into a zombie and heads for kitchen…)

Forget about the cookies – with the commodities market through the roof can you imagine what attar of roses is probably going for these days – we all might have a fortune growing right under our noses (no pun intended).


Title: Rosa xanthina essence mouth-refreshing solution and its preparation.

Authors: Wang, Qingcai; Zhang, Junliang; Liu, Dong. (Peop. Rep. China).

Published in: Faming Zhuanli Shenqing Gongkai Shuomingshu (2008), 7 pages. Patent written in Chinese.

Abstract: "The title Rosa xanthina essence mouth-refreshing soln. is prepd. from Rosa xanthina essence 80-85, rose bee pollen ext. 10-14, Sophora japonica flower or Eriobotrya japonica flower honey 3-5 and menthol ethanol soln. 0.5-1 wt. part. The mouth-refreshing soln. is prepd. by (1) steam distg. Rosa xanthina flower in distn. kettle at 100


What do you suppose happens to the millions of roxburghii seeds that are left after the squeezing?

My Xanthina was eaten by a little sweet bunny a week ago. Their goes my mouth-refreshing. :slight_smile:


I think the problem is that your bunny must have read these articles.


LOL, it was not my bunny, it was a wild one at the lots where the roses are. Their are millions of vegetables their but he/she had to picked my Xanthina. It was a real gastronome I think. :smiley:


What a great idea – I think I will name my first commercially sucessful rose: “Gastronome.” I bet that name has not been taken! :slight_smile:

You said that “it was a wild one at the lots where the roses are.” Does that mean that you grow your roses away from your house like Arno does?

Bob Zone 9

I see that PiRo 3 is mostly Rosa pendulina. I always felt Rosa pomifera would be good for hip recipes --if bred properly.

Maybe they can collect the petals and make ethanol out of them and use the corn for food, instead of the other way around!