bracteate x clinophylla seedlings need a home

I’ve decided to keep one, and it roots easily in water. It’s the clinophylla-leaf one.

The rest, while I want to keep, they’re better off at a place that it can get big.

The clinophylla seedling that I rooted is moved in a 5 gallon pot which will remain there until I decide if I really want to remove Sueveolens from my garden.


anyone who has room-- email me with topic title “rose seedling.”

It’s been a while since I’ve seen how many plants-- it’s all a tangled mess. I planted them directly in the ground during Christmas two years ago. One has bloomed and I’m believing its the clino-hybrid.

I will haphazard to say there are 4 plants. I have, however, rooted an extra clino-rose. (Not hard… just stick it in water.)

I will cut down the plants severly and ship them without any soil.

I’m thinking the plants are tender although they’ve really done well with California’s sudden arctic wind chill. However, places with snow: consider twice. These seeds came from India originally. (search for older posts for its history.)

Oh yes…

I have a single seedling of R. kordesii X basye’s amphidiploid. I raised about dozens, but only two survived. One is in the ground right now and it has very disease resitant foilage. The other could use a better home.

I donated a pot with several bracteata x clinophylla seedlings to the Ventura Cty. Rose Society Auction if anyone is interested.