Blue for you rose

“Blue for You” rose performs exceptionally well here in Sydney, in an area where blackspot is rampant. It is one of the very few roses that has kept pretty much all of its leaves througout the entire growing season, which is very unusual and striking for those of us here who are used to seeing most roses as sticks with the odd crappy leaf hanging off it!!

Blooming is prolific, and hips are very abundant and ornamental.

Any breeding experiences with this one??


Only specimens I’ve seen of this rose down here George were pretty sad and sorry looking :frowning:

That could explain why when I looked at the link it seems like this rose is unavailable in the US. Maybe it just does horrible here. The pictures where nice.

Thanks for your comments.

It sounds like “Blue For You” may be more suited to the hotter climatic zones, such as we get here in Sydney (??USDA equivalent zone 11??)…our average annual lowest temp is apparently 46F.

For the purposes of follow-up and accurate reporting, the same ‘Blue For You’ plants that had been reported as doing exceptionally well here, have this season finally succumbed to a fair dose of blackspot, (and to make matters worse, quite interesting patterns of mosaic virus are showing also…).

I was considering using it as a pollen donor on a purple, but somehow I have been turned off it, the color tends to fade to pinker tones, which doesn’t help my current objective to keep to uniform unfading colors… :slight_smile:

I just got a tiny one from Cliff at Eurodesert roses. Tom Carruth recommended it to me, so I assume he either is or has used it in breeding, but I don’t know the results. Probably too soon . . .



Also, from the same breeder:

Jim Sproul’s Hulthemia babies look a ton better than that one :slight_smile:

Kathy I am interested in Carruth’s recommendation, I am a very big fan of his work… What did he think BFY was good for?

Maybe he has developed a true BLUE colored rose already - yippy!!

George – Sounds like we’re both big fans of Carruth’s purple palette. As for his recommendation, he just thought it would grow well in my climate. He saw a Rhapsody in Blue from my garden that won best in show at ARS Nationals and which leaned heavily toward the blue side of its range and thought Blue For You would also get as blue as it possibly could in my foggy coastal weather. We didn’t discuss breeding (I’m a rank beginner – just now mostly trying to learn and to get some open pollinated stuff to grow).

Thx for sharing Kathy.

Additional notes:

  1. BFY gets PM (as well as BS as mentioned earlier here) in my climate, but hangs on to most of its leaves.

  2. It turns out that Peter J. James’ ‘Blue For You’ was used to parent his hulthemia hybrid ‘Eyes For You’… I was always suspicious of this due to the word play he gave the two, and also their similar look… I had never bothered to actually read the “references” section for Eyes For You, until this morning, where this parentage is revealed…LOL right under my nose…

I find it particularly interesting that BFY has a central white eye, which obviously has NOT inhibited the transmission of the hulthemia blotch in the case of EFY.


It also sends chills down my spine that my first entry on this thread was exactly one year ago to the day, by coincidence…weird to be sure.

Now after all that, I realise that I can’t purchase the darned thing!!! Too bad, I can only admire it from afar… LOL

Now that I think more about it, I have never seen the petal colors of BFY as plucked petals…So I can’t really make the call about the “white eye” thing after all. It appears to have a very faded centre when viewed from a distance, anyways!

I wouldnt say the Blue for You eye zone is white. On the plant that I have seen at Washington Park, I would say that it is a light metallic steel mauve tone. Its a very odd color.



The BFY rose has turned out to be a rose-detective story for me that I could have worked out 12 months ago if I had twigged to the importance of reading the “references” sections on HMF descriptions.

BFY seems to have disappeard from the retail shelves here, after havng sold in some retail outlets, a few years ago. I have missed the boat on this one, I think LOL.

btw, dont feel bad about not being able to purchase specific varieties. Ive wanted to buy Wildfire 2000 and Tropical Skies for at least 5 years now :stuck_out_tongue: Theyre both available down under :confused: