Bill Warriner

My Bill Warriner is setting a lot of hips this year from its first flush so I am hopeful they will have matured before it gets too cold here.

It was opened pollinated and I am wondering if anyone has had good results with it. I did look at HelpMefind but it doesnt list descendents and I was worried that meant it does not produce good seedlings…



Bill Warriner was only introduced in 1997, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about lack of offspring. It’s parents have plenty of good offspring.

Hi Maria:

Wow, if you have lots of OP hips of ‘Bill Warriner’ that’s great! It has never set hips for me and the pollen doesn’t produce much hip set on other varieties for me. ‘Bill Warriner’ is one of my favorite floribundas - really beautiful.

Definitely plant them and good luck!

Jim Sproul