Benjamin Britten

Has anybody used this at all? Or even own it? Good color? Disease resistance?

Also, just as an aside, do you think there’s a spike in plant sales when we discuss certain varieties?

Only with the very obscure ones or roses the general public think are way too crude for their fine tastes but we regard as interesting, because of some arcane, invisible energy thing that we believe they inhabit, esoterically called ‘disease resistance genes’. :slight_smile:

But seriously, I used Benjamin Britten as a seed parent this year. Several pollinations seemed to have taken but dropped of later. I only have one hip left. The plant is young (second season) and we had a heat wave during pollinating season. I think it will improve when it gets older. But at least it seems to be able to set hips.

The downside of Benjamin Britten is that the flowers turn dark pink in the end. I don’t like the color of the spent flower and it doesn’t match well with the color of younger flowers. It’s a problem with many orange roses as well, when they fade to pink. Hate it.


Rob, thanks for the info. Do you think it turns dark pink due to heat as some yellows do? Or is it just that the color fades?

i’m partially interested in it for expansion of the color range in hardy (z4 say) roses, but also the fragrance sounds really good. Hmmm, can fragrance sound good?

Oldie update… Karen Adams, in Australia, has had some seedlings of ‘Benjamin Britten’ x ‘Fortune’s Double Yellow’ germinate recently… this sounds like a really interesting cross to me and I look forward to seeing how they develop :slight_smile: