Beauty of Leafland (Liefland) and Festival Fanfare

Has anyone used Beauty of Leafland? It has some very interesting qualities so I am planning on using it for next year. It must have remontancy in it though it doesnt rebloom. It has 1 offspring, prairie peace, which is remontant. Paul O. mentioned that it maintains its form well which it something I think would be very usefull if combined with some of the different buck roses. It has been my experience that Buck roses open quick and loose thier appeal very rapidly in the summer months. I am wondering if maintaining form is a trait that is passed to siblings frequently.

Another rose that I am curious about is Festival Fanfare. It has no offspring listed in Help Me Find. It it a viable parent? I bought it because it looked like a interesting rose on its own merit. It seems a bit unstable as it has several sports listed. Does it produce viable pollen? Does it set heps? If it is a viable parent, what is the likelyhood that it will pass on the striping characteristics.

I’ve been waiting for Beauty of Leafland for years now. And with the recent death of the nursery owner, I think I may not even get it. Does anyone actually have the plant?

Ashdowns has Beauty of Leafland. They have a waiting list as of right now. I am hoping that they are going to have some for next year.

I have a plant of Prairie Peace, and it has not rebloomed for me.

‘Beauty of Leafland’ has remarkable form for a Rosa spinosissima hybrid, but it also has a fault of the later flowers balling. Since it is a near species hybrid, even if it is crossed with cultivars or selections with double flowers of good form it probably would be difficult to obtain progeny with flowers of very good form. It’s probably best to experiment with a wide variety of rose types to hybridize it with to see what works best.

‘Prairie Peace’ repeats very well in late summer. In fact the late summer bloom is nearly as good as the spring bloom, which is very unusual in a Rosa spinosissima hybrid. It probably gets this trait from the staminate parent ‘Hazeldean’, which can also repeat its bloom well in late summer.

From which of its parents would ‘Hazeldean’ have gotten its ability to bloom again in late summer, or is it not that simple to explain in its case?


I just confirmed with Ashdowns. They will most likely have a Beauty of Liefland sometime in June. They will be starting them from cuttings in Feb so they wont do any blooming for a while.