Basye's thornless form of Fortuniana

I got a reply from Dr. Byrne and it states:

"Concerning the 85-04 seedling selection it is a self of 69-348 which is a banksiae-Basye x laevigata-Basye cross. His notes indicate that it has dark green foliage, shiny leaves, no prickles, single white flower, gives scions superior vigor and longevity, under favorable conditions the scions will push out and begin growth in 1-2 weeks, plant growth very similar to fortuniana, glossier leaves, occassionally a root sucker will emerge and it will have prickles

Unfortunately, I do not have this one in my plots."

So 85-04 looks to be extinct and there is no record at TAMU of Dr. Basye trying to use it to breed with so all we can do is assume.