Basye's thornless form of Fortuniana

On the CybeRose website there is an article by Basye talking about his thornless form of Fortuniana. He called it 85-04 (R. Banksiae X R. Laevigata). He was going to use it for an improved thornless Fortuniana understock. Does anyone know if it still exists? Also in the article it mentions a sister seedling. I was wondering if this was the rose he called 86-3? One last question, how can I find all the other articles written by Basye that appeared in the Rose Annuals?


A few years back, I procured a sister seedling that was a tetraploid. I gave it to Jim to root, but after that… I don’t know.

Great article. I have to imagine Basye attempted to use his 85-04 in hybridizing. I wonder if he had any success.

I was told 86-3 has proved infertile so far.

A google scholar search for Basye and rose or breeding only lists

1990 An amphidiloid of Rosa banksiae and Rosa laevigata induced by colchicine

and 1992 The future of the rose.

All that means is that those are the ones that Google has scanned so far.

I don’t know whether 85-04 still exists. You might want to email Dr. Byrne at Texas A&M to ask him. 86-3 has some thorns. I did some crosses with it in 2006. I only got one hip on it, and just a few from its pollen on other seed parents. Unfortunately, I lost all of my seeds that year to a fungus, so I don’t know whether they would have germinated. I didn’t use 86-3 last year, but plan to try it again next year.

It seems to me that the biggest problem with Fortuniana as a rootstock, isn’t the thorns; it is that it is hard to root. 86-3 is also hard to root. Enrique gave me a lot of material from it, and I only got one cutting to root.