Basye's Legacy - where to find?

Does anyone know where Basye’s Legacy is available? Thanks.

I got mine last year from Sequoia. It goes by the name Commander Gillette or Basye’s thornless. Kim Rupert told me that they were all the same though. I believe they also sell it at Ashdown under the name Basye’s Legacy.


You have been very helpful Mike. Thank you. I’ll try Sequoia and Ashdown. Thanks for pointing out that BL is the same as CG also.

Ashdown seems to list two seperate roses…

Rob, I can try to propogate my 77-361 (which I bought from Ashdowns) but I can’t say it will be successful.

I got an empty soda bottle just laying around…


I need to clarify my earlier statement about the different names. Sequoia does not call it Basye’s Legacy. They go by the other two names but Kim has told me that the rose they grow there is actually Legacy. As Enrique has said though, Ashdown has Basye’s Legacy and Commander Gillette which are actually two different roses. I believe Commander Gillette is actually one of Legacy’s parents.


Thank you for the clarification Mike. I’ll go back to HMF and read up on parentage for both.

Enrique, if you want to try to root 77-361 for me that would be great. Thank you for offering. Hopefully you will have some success. :slight_smile:


This is the page for the rose…


Thank you for posting the link Phillip but unfortunately it didn’t seem to be working.

I just saw Basye’s Legacy and Commander Gillette at Ashdown roses. They are two different roses. I have the propagating the first for its amazing golden hips the size of cranberries. The color of them is rich gold and who knows how that color came to be given the pedigree includes R. moschata, R. rugosa, and R. carolina (twice for R. carolina). Commander Gillette’s hips are a different shade of yellow, dull and unremarkable, enough so you can tell that they are indeed different roses. I’ve admired Basye’s Legacy now two falls in a row in their fields and am happy they are propagating it for me for spring. I’ll just plant it near some other interesting rose and plant the OP seeds and see what interesting things might turn up. I don’t pollinate, but find planting OP seeds a fun pastime. I always get at least one intersting seedling every year and that is enough to please me. It appeared to me that every flower on Basye’s Legacy set a hip, it was just covered with them!

It’s great that you have access to OP hips from these Bob.

Rob-- for some reason, hotmail has been wacky. I’ve sent in the morning the kordesii X Basye Amphi seedling (bareroot with some soil intact) plus some cuttings and OP hips of 77-361.

I hope they all come out well… I sort of had to cram everything in a rather small box.

2 day delivery… so, I’m assuming… you ought to get it Thursday or Friday.

Hi Enrique. I wonder what’s up with email lately? Thank you for the update and I’ll be watching for your package. Thanks also for the cuttings and OP hips from 77-361. It is much appreciated. I’ll let you know when the package arrives.



So, the problems with my email has to do something with a recent service I subscribed for my cell phone, Rob.


Have you received the plant, cuttings, and hips?

Hello Enrique. I sent email to you letting you know that the package arrived in great condition. I’ll try to resend my email to you. You will have mail going out to you today. Thank you Enrique!



5 of the Abraham Darby X Basye’s Amphiploid have rooted in its soda bottle.

The other 5 are still rooting, but I think they may rot before they can root.

If they aren’t all promised and you have an extra I’d love to have one at some point Enrique. :slight_smile: This sounds like a GREAT cross!

Of course.

One is for you and the other is for the other guy whose name I can’t remember at this second.

The other 3, well… who ever claims it in the future. I hope that the others don’t rot.

I say that the soda bottle needs another month from now to make sure they’re all rooted. From there, during November I’ll slowly expose them to air and then eventually move them into small containers.

And around the New Year, I’ll be sending them off to new homes.

Thank you. You must have a good deal of success rooting cuttings Enrique. I use the baggie method and have a 50% success rate…not the greatest but I hope to improve that some.


I think I am the other guy you were talking about. I am still very interested in the Abe Basye seedling. How will we go about getting them?


Just wait, that’s all.

One bottle seems to show many tiny roots, so I think all of them rooted.

But it’s way to early to open them up and to transport them. 3 months to harden them up ought to be appropriate timing.

I like to send rose packages after the New Year. In that way, there’s less possibility for it to get lost in the winter holiday’s junk mail and care packages.

Once, I sent out a rose on the 18th of December… my friend didn’t get it until January 15. The rose had already mildewed up and dried out.