Banksia Hybrids

Just an FYI to those of you interested in breeding banksia hybrids. Pat Henry of Rose Unlimited tells me they will offer for sale starting September 11th. 2006 both ‘Lila Banks’ and ‘Riverbanks’.

Lila Banks has proven a very fertile pollen parent for use with tetraploids. Riverbanks accepts pollen of both tetraploids and diploids with very good germination.

Both are proven fertile triploids that should give a high perentage of tetraploid offspring.

I would expect neither variety to be hardy past zone 7 and then may require protection.

There’s much untapped potential here. I will offering more hybrids in the near future. Thanks, Robert

That’s cool. I put my name on their list but they now say that theyre closed for the season. I think I’ll pick up Lila Banks and tuck it into the pernnial border.