Banksia Helenae Cross

I’m intrigued with bringing different sources of species variability into future hybrids. A friend in NY created the pollen parent in this cross. I’m intrigued with it.


lol cute.

Oh yeah, I know it’s not much to look at YET. Wait till I get through with it.

It repeats and and it’s a quarter helenae which makes it fairly unique, not to mention the unusual lineage.

No, I really meant cute :slight_smile: Cause it says it is a mini.

Actually it’s bred from a mini but at this point at least the white seedling appears to be full sized. The pink one resembles a China. It shows it’s connection to Old Blush strongly.

Here’s an update on this seedling. Picture taken this morning. Form is improved since it has matured and the weather is now cooler.

Pollen appears fertile. Size is a bit over 2" in diameter. Moderate fragrance.

This is the result of a triploid x diploid cross.

haha, I love it when you prove the ploidy stereotype wrong, Robert :slight_smile: I hope it is fertile!

I may have proved the ploidy stereotype wrong but these seedlings are very weak growers. The photo shown here is from a specimen I budded out of fear that I would lose the original seedling. It is much more vigorous budded, but that said, it’s not vigorous. I’m sure I can get vigor in the next generation if I grow out enough seedlings.

Nice cross and flower! Maybe interesting to cross it with Rosalita, a Lens repeat flowering helena hybrid.

That’s a thought Rob. It seems likely this seedling triploid but chances are it’s produces some diploid pollen. It would be interesting to have it tested.

This is one of those crosses I attempted just to see what would happen. I thought for sure I would get a miniature. Two of these seedlings are full sized and one is a miniature but they are all phenotypically hybrids.

Looking at ‘Rosalita’ I see it should be easy to work with. I can imagine a myriad of possibilities there.