Banksia Buck Hybrids

I’ll bet Buck never imagined anything like this. The big question is going to be hardiness.


Beautiful, Robert–

Have you any luck with The Pearl?

I never got anything from it, but I did find a single OP hip on it last October. I don’t know if it will germinate, but–

I can only hope.

It looks like you’ve done a lot of progress in the Banksia hybrids. I think one day you should make a bankia-persica hybrid.

Perhaps this will improve the health of the persicas. (Persian Sunset is the most mildewed rose in my garden right now…)

I never tried ‘The Pearl’. I wouldn’t be working with Banksia at all if I hadn’t had the luck to create Lila Banks.

Fertility is the key.

Lila Banks carries a propensity for mildew brought over from Rosa banksia. It produces a percentage of disease resistant offspring when paired with a disease resistant seed parent.

That was one of my reasons for using it with a Buck rose.

Well, if you ever thought about using The Pearl–

good luck.

But I think it may set seed in very hot climates. I had this for several years, and I think last year San Jose had one of the hotest summers.

I wasn’t sure, I was in Mexico at that time with family. (I still have the sunburn on my shoulders after a year later.)

Maybe that was why it set seed at least once.

I just hope this seed will germinate.

In any case, can you tell us what happened to “The Monster”? I read on helpmefind that it’s extinct. How sad. What were the circumstances?

“The Monster” was cut to the ground more or less out of frustration. It was assumed it would regenerate and it didn’t.