Bailey roses -- any retailers who will ship bareroots?

If anyone encounters a nursery that will sell some of the Bailey roses bareroot, would you share the source?

I’ve tried to find them in/near east Tennessee, but they haven’t been available within 200miles.

That foliage looks so good (blooms are good, too), but after a really wet and fungus-laden season, that foliage is really attention grabbing.

Jay, that YBR shot you posted makes them look so delicious. I wonder whether they were sprayed to keep disease at bay…

Hi Jadae,

Great point!! I like to take pictures, but for some reason didn’t get some of ‘High Voltage’. I will next year. I was amazed at how healthy HV is. There are still leaves on it from the beginning of the season that look great (nice deep green with a little bit of gloss)- actually the leaves look better than on anything!! Even the very black spot resistant roses eventually get some spot anthracnose, etc. in my garden. HV set hips really well and I just extracted the seeds last week. I’m excited to see the seedlings. The shrub was about 2.5 high and compact and then late in the season it sent up 4 or 5 large canes that grew 6’ tall and then terminated in blooms. That surprised me, but long canes coming out like that happens with YBR too. Yellow Submarine and Centennial stay more symmetrical it seems. I don’t mind and am happy I crossed HV with some compact rounded seedlings without knowing this can happen.

I know Baileys would sure love to get their roses out there more widely. Hopefully more mail order companies will pick them up so everyone that wants to get them can. Maybe we can encourage those mail order places that buy in bareroot roses and resell them to consider Baileys. Maybe in the future Greenheart and others that do plugs of landscape roses will pick them up so other nurseries can easily get plugs for container production too.

George, that photo was taken at the Portland International Rose Test Garden. They do spray there, but I don’t have any details about what they use.


David, that sounds wonderful. Bailey’s has some nice products (and some duds, in my opinion). It is too bad the economy sucks. It would have been nice to see Bailey’s potential had they had a stronger root-hold in the rose biz during a prime economy. That is life, though :slight_smile:



Henry, I wonder why I experiences are polarized? I had better luck with the likes of Shadow Dancer than I did with Dortmund directly, with some exception. The worst were surprising to me – Dortmund x Playboy and Playboy x Dortmund. They were all pretty nasty. I am wondering if was because they both come from direct lines of the orange-red polyantha clan. It made me wonder if those two specific crosses potentiated the disease prone genetics of that line. Who knows…

Since everyone is talking about Dortmund, I should mention that Dortmund is not really all the blackspot resistant in my yard. It defoliates by the end of the season from blackspot. One interesting trait, however, is that it seems to pass on fragrance when crossed with fragrant roses. Some of my most fragrant hybrids are from Dortmund (granted, it was crossed with Abe Darby, Fragrant Cloud and Mr. Lincoln).

I grew ‘Dortmund’ back in CT in zone 6, where I didn’t spray for fungus diseases, where it did pretty well. It did get blackspot. The plant was virused with RMV, so that didn’t help matters.

I noticed also that the ‘Dortmund’ (or maybe one of the 'Dortmund’s) in the Portland International Rose Test Garden is virused as well. That one is sprayed, so lack of blackspot is not as telling as it would be in a no-spray garden.

Sadly I was under the impression that ‘Dortmund’ was more disease resistant early on and used it for a few seasons. I stopped as soon as I found out the contrary.

I’ve still got descendants. I’ve was surprised that offspring are also sometimes prone to Powdery Mildew.

It’s a very easy to use and does seem to produce a high quantity of look a likes in the first generation.

This said, looking at it’s track record, some nice things have come out of it. I wouldn’t use it directly again at this point.