'Baby Poop' rose

At the Spring ARS Convention, Tom Carruth said that Weeks would be introducing a brown amateur-bred hybrid tea nicknamed ‘Baby Poop’. One of the parents was ‘Singin’ in the Rain’. I don’t remember the other one. This sounds a lot like one of Jim Sproul’s seedlings (see link). Is this your seedling, Jim S?

Link: home.earthlink.net/~rosesbydesign/RoseSeedlingPages/stnxsr.htm

Yep, actually, the first nickname cannot be printed here.

There is probably a coffee or mustardy name that might be more appealing - I’m happy though any way that I can get an introduction!


Very exciting news, although the name may not be helpful to create crowds to your rose. I’m assuming that the other parent was Stainless Steel, right?

Congratulations! When will the official name be chosen? When will it be available?

Congratulations, Jim!

I look forward to growing that one in my garden.

Best wishes,


You know, I don’t see ‘Ireland’ listed as a rose name. I can really imagine that name registered for a rose of this color.


Let us know when you are able to release the name.

Baby Poop is a great name! Why should all rose names be romantic? The color is fantastic! I don’t have hybrid teas in our garden but the chance to grow “Baby Poop” is to tempting to turn down.

Congrats Jim. I hope this is a popular rose for you.

paul e

Perhaps it will end up with a more refined name, such as ‘Couches-Culottes de Dijon’.



Thanks all for the comments!

I’m a bit afraid to ask what ‘Couches-Culottes de Dijon’ means…

Am familiar with Spanish, but not ?French?

The rose is vigorous (probably from ‘Stainless Steel’) and seems to bloom alot. Most roses in that color range have tended to have low vigor.

I have a feeling that if we went with “Baby Poop”, that people might wonder about the fragrance!



‘Couches-Culottes de Dijon’ = “Dijon Diapers”! :wink:

This is hilarious. How about ‘Shipoopi’ ? That way it retains ‘poop’ but people can assume it’s from the Music Man! Oh yes and Congrats!

Jim, how’s the fragrance? Forgot to ask a while back. I had a brownish seedling from ‘Angel Face’, but had none of that lemony sweetness.

You could call it “Honey Dijon” although there’s a drag queen or two by that name.


Hi Jim!

I mentioned your rose and this string to my labgroup and they brainstormed names. Here’s a couple that came to mind.

Cinnamon Spice and Carmel Candy

For some reason, Starbucks came into mind with all this mention of coffee, cinnamon, carmel, etc,.


Extra Caramel Caramel Macchiato?? I worked there this summer.

Thanks for the ideas. There have been several names kicked around with mustard, coffee and chocolate tones. There is some fragrance - I’ve said that it smells a bit like coffee, cream and sugar - maybe if you have a good imagination!


Dear Jim,

How about Cappuccino.