Baby Love and Yellow

I gather Baby Love is now off patent? Is there a new yellow that folks like for disease resistance? BL seemed to be the darling of the hybridizing community a dozen years back, but I hear little of it now. Are folks still using it a lot, or have you “moved on”?..

Instead of using Baby Love itself, I’m using descendants of Baby Love that show good resistance. I’m also using the yellow, Lemon Splash, that has good resistance.

I also have a seedling from Cal Poly x Pretty Lady that is a non-fading yellow and disease free in my garden. I can make plant material available this season for anyone that’s interested.

I just picked up a Baby Love plant at a local nursery. Was surprised to find one. Thought I’d use it a bit this season. I used First Impression a little this past year along with Julia Child, both as pollen parents. In some cases, I even mixed the pollen. Will see what germinates.

Rob, your Caly Ploy x Pretty Lady seedling looks great. I’d be happy to try growing it and experimenting!


Thank you. Could you please go to the link below and using the tab for cuttings select “I want cuttings”. That way I’ll have a way of being reminded and a way to contact you. Thanks!


Very nice rose Rob. Unfortunately Cal Poly gets bad BS in my yard. I’ve used it anyway some on New Dawn, but in mixed pollinations so
i can’t say how it does in combination.

Thank you larry. I had to get rid of Cal Poly because it defoliates here. This f1 has been remarkedly disease free so far.


Pretty Lady sounds more and more impressive in terms of the resistance it can impart. That one is definitely going on my list of must-haves. Is it better than Baby Love in that regard? (R. davidii elongata seems to impart resistance in a few of its offspring.)

Pretty Lady makes some very healthy, vigorous babies, Philip. I am seriously impressed with the foliage coming from her and Fedtschenkoana and my 1-72-1Hugonis. They are GORGEOUS!

Here french Riviera after about one (not the same) very promising year PL and BL desease resistance was broken to nothing.

For me, Pretty Lady has better than average resistance to BS. I am seeing that she can pass on resistance.