Baby Faurax x R. Roxburghii Normalis

It’s been a couple of years wait but the tiniest buds have started, ~5mm / ~1/4inch. All buds being quite “leafy”. Hopefully they get larger, because 10x zoom on a phone isn’t the best macro.

Sadly seems to be the only of it’s siblings that’ll bloom this year.

That is exciting Plazbo, I bet you look forward to seeing the bloom after all this time. I hope you will share pics of it here!

That’s the plan, hasn’t bloomed yet but buds are getting bigger.

Another fun one blooming for the first time this year is this (crested moss x la bella sultane) x r. glauca. It doesn’t seem to have picked up much if any cresting (but tiny, first day visible bud) but does have a decent dose of glauca traits


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Still hasn’t bloomed yet but getting closer
Kind of interesting how it’s picked up the spikey bits on the sepals and pedicel but has a smooth hip area. Flower clusters only up to 3 compared to the usual polyantha clusters, but plant is dwarf like a polyantha.

cresting on the glauca hybrid isn’t anything impressive as expectd, but is quite glandular. If fertile, something fun may come from crossing it to half siblings or back crossng.

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And it bloomed


nothing too impressive, poly size bloom, single pink. Now to find out if it’s fertile.

the glauca is still a week or so away


Thank you for sharing the bloom pic @plazbo!
I think it looks very cute! Congratulations!
Your comment about fertility made me wonder something: are roses fertile immediately in their first year of existence? Does pollen “strength” improve with age? I would think at least from the seed aspect, a more mature rose would be a better hip setter… But really that’s just my first impression based on nothing at all. :bowing_woman:
How early can you tell if it’s fertile or not?

Seems to vary a bit sometimes.

This one should be fine straight away, it’s a couple years old, once bloomer without juvenile bloom, so already mature.

Stronger juvenile blooming seedlings can set hips straight away. Runty ones often haven’t got fully developed parts. Unsure of pollen viability improving.

Thank you for the info @Plazbo and sorry , I didn’t mean to derail your thread.
I hope your BF×Normalis will be fertile and look forward to seeing how the glauca hybrid turns out !


Glauca hybrid didn’t pick up any significant cresting from it’s mother.

Just a single deep pink

and a random Golden Cheronese OP…no deep yellow, just a white with slight creamy tones :{