Available seeds

Due to space limitations I have the following seeds available to anyone who can use them:

Pink Meidiland x Nitida Defender

Nitida Defender x Corylus

Cardinal de Richilieu x Black Jade

Amy Robsart OP

Mystic Meidiland OP

Carefree Sunshine OP

Russelliana OP

Gipsy Boy OP

Henry Kelsey OP

La Belle Sultane OP

Golden Wings OP

Hansa OP

First Light OP

Pink Meidiland OP

Bob, do you think the parentage of Russelliana is multifloraXsetigera as suggested by HMF? Multiflora climbers are generally not hardy in Finland, but it is suggested in a recent Finnish rose book that Russelliana (which is not available here anyway) could be worth trial because of it’s parentage.

ROB not Bob, sorry…

Rob - I would be interested ia few OP seeds of Carefree Sunshine , Hansa , and Golden Wings. Let me know postage charges . Thank you

Milford Clausen

420 Pine Street

Waterman , Illinois 60556 - 9774

Jukka, I really would doubt the given parentage, opting instead for some other old garden rose in place of setigera (multiflora is pretty much certainly in the parentage). Still, it should be considered hardier than most other multiflora ramblers, and probably would survive in southern Finland. I’m curious, is the zone rating next to your name a Finnish one, or a USDA approximation (-29?C to -35?C winter minimum temperature)?

I’d be interested in a few seeds also: Cardinal de Richelieu x Black Jade, Gipsy Boy, La Belle Sultane, and Hansa. Hopefully, it won’t be a problem sending them to Canada. Let me know about postage also, I’ll send you an e-mail.

Stefan, zone 4 is an USDA approximation. My garden is about 100 kilometers north of Helsinki. I don’t know if you’re from USA, but our climate is very different from continental North America, so the USDA approximation doesn’t tell much. I can grow many USDA5 plants but then some USDA3 plants that require hot summers are not hardy.

I would be interested in the Nitida Defender x Corylus seeds if you are willing to mail to the UK.

If so please let me know and I’ll email my address to you and make any other arrangements.



Jukka: I’ve often see multiflora X setigera listed as possibilities for the parentage of Russelliana but here is the listing in The Ulitmate Rose Book by Stirling Macoboy: …Some say that it derives from Rosa multiflora; R. rugosa and R. setigera have both been suggested as more likey ancestors. It is a great survivor in difficult conditions." Another interesting tidbit is from David Austin’s English Roses by David Austin where he writes concerning ‘Gipsy Boy’ (Russelliana seedling), “…Its only known disadvantage was that it had only one flowering season in early summer. Having crossed this rose with some of the seedlings of ‘Chianti’, I was surprised to find that the first generation roses were repeat-flowering. This indicated that ‘Gipsy Boy’ itself must have had at least one repeat-flowering ancestor.” This gives me hope that I’ll have some repeat blooming seedlings from my ‘Gipsy Boy’ x ‘Basye’s Purple’ cross…hopefully some purple ones. It may be as Stepan suggests that an OGR was one of Russeliana’s parents.

Milford: I’ll get some seeds off in the mail to you this week. Good luck with them.

Jinx and Dee: If you could email me your address I’d be happy to send you both some seeds as well.

As I go through my list there are probably more seeds that I’ll offer in the near future.

You convinced me, I think I’ll order Russelliana next spring…

It should make an interesting parent Jukka. If I had the room here I’d obtain it again.

I found Russelliana quite infertile.

Its unique descendant Gipsy Boy is very fertile both ways.

I only tried Russelliana as a seed parent and had some luck. I obtained OP seeds as well. You are right about Gipsy Boy Pierre. It is very fertile.

I’m not sure which one would be more winter hardy but my guess would be Russelliana.

I would like some if you have any left over. I’m not actually picky (I have this terrible personal problem where I enjoy surprises) although the Cardinal de Richilieu x Black Jade sounds interesting.

I’m sorry Amber, I’ve already mailed out all of my seeds.


It’s ok, thanks anyway!

You’re welcome Amber.