Australian Rose Virus through seed research

Does anyone have access to the full University of Adelaide thesis? I am interested in the experimental details that led to the statement in the Summary section:

“…the virus was shown to be transmitted through rose seed”

The journal in which he published in no longer in existence. Google does give references to his work:

His work was cited by 11 other papers.


I got the first paper from Aust J Biol Sci and the only transmission was via bark grafting. I didn’t think the second paper was likely to make mention either but now I wonder. The major finding of this work was that a bacterial infection could look like a virus symptomatically when tester plants were used with inoculation by sand wounding of leave and adding juice of infected plants.

Thank you Larry for checking.

I got the 2nd paper. It lists four isolates of RMV from 4 HT roses, but no word on any spread by seeds. Only bark grafting allowed transmission to anything else, in this case peach, from which it could be transferred to some tester species. There are EM pictures, and immunocharacterization to show it is like some other viruses on various plant species like plum.

I ahve no idea where the idea of seed transmission cam ein.

Larry, it was in the summary of the thesis. Either they did not try to publish it, or the editor/reviewers found that part was deficient.