August 2006 scientific paper - blackspot and rose breeding



Of particular interest to me in this paper is that a yellow - Poulsen’s “Chinatown” - only showed 4.7 % blackspot infection. As a comparison The Fairy had 11.9 % infection, Lichtkonigin Lucia exhibited 32.2 % infection, Orange Triumph had 60.6 % and Allgold had 87.5 %.

HelpMeFind lists the present offspring of Chinatown, see:

Has anyone used Chinatown? Any comments on the zone 5 rating?


Chinatown grows vigorously bolt upright here. It provides a good Spring flush and very little repeat in this climate. It’s has a very stiff growth habit and it’s very prickly. For some reason I have decided to ignore it in terms of breeding.Perhaps I should look at it again? The lack of repeat is a real deficit. It probably repeats well in cooler climates.

Friesinger Morgenrote, a cultivar from Lichtkonigin Lucia is partially blackspot prone here.

Chinatown does not exhibit blackspot at a local cottage nursery that does not spray.

The results do not suprise me to be honest.

I’ve used it a little. It is apparently a triploid, so it

doesn’t give a large number of offspring. I don’t recall

seeing blackspot on it, but it is somewhat prone to mildew