Attack of the green caterpillars!

HELP!! I put my seedlings out on the front porch to enjoy the lovely June weather while they are blooming. They were doing extremely well until, seemingly overnight, their leaves were all but devoured by tiny, green caterpillars! I’m used to dealing with this early summer attack on my older, more established roses…but this is my first year with seedlings and I don’t want to lose them. So far, I picked off all the critters I could see, brought my plants inside and gave them and the tray they are in a good blast of water in the sink, then sprayed them with an organic insecticide, fed them a diluted dose of a seaweed based fertilizer, and now I’m keeping them on my diningroom table in a North-East window until they finish blooming. Does anyone have any suggestions for anything else I should do to help them survive?

Kate Wuertzer

Ivory liquid dish soap in the gray plastic bottle, diluted 10 parts water to 1 of the soap. (It is not a detergent.) Spray the caterpillars.

Good luck.