Articles, notes, bios, and comments needed

It’s that time again. I’m beginning to assemble the fall issue of the RHA Newsletter. So far no articles (etc) have been submitted for this issue, so if you have been intending to write something this is a really good time to do it and send it to me.

The symposium on Color Breaks has not generated any response, so if you want to write about something else, please do so. The main thing is that it would be really good for you members to write something for your newsletter–whether it’s about color breaks or something else you’ve found interesting. Remember, if you’ve found it interesting, the chances are pretty good that someone else will also find it interesting.

The previously announced deadline of the end of August has come and gone.

Please send your articles, news items (maybe you’re having a rose introduced, or you’ve found out something interesting about the background of some rose or hybridizer, or …), questions, suggestions, short personal biographies, or comments to me by September 24 (2 weeks from today), and I’ll try to get your newsletter out to you.



I’ve received 5 short articles and the promise of 2 other short articles since I wrote the note above. I should mention that I also personally asked several people for articles.

So far I do not have enough new material to fill the fall issue of the RHA Newsletter.

If we do not share, we do not learn. In previous issues of the Newsletter, you’ve read articles in which others shared information and ideas with you. Think about returning the favor and sharing your experience and thoughts with others.

If you’ve learned something from a past issue of the Newsletter, you should add something to the mix so that somebody else can learn something.

As you know, the cost of membership in RHA is trivial–presently the cost of about 3 gallons of gasoline in the US, or 3-4 gallons of milk, or half of a rose plant by mail from a major supplier. What is NOT trivial is the value of membership and the sharing of ideas.

If you have been thinking about writing up something you’ve done, or thought about, in growing or hybridizing roses, this would be a really good time to do it and share it with other members of RHA.