'Armada' as Seed Parent

There has been mention of using Armada as seed parent. I thought I might share some of my experience with it. I’ve been using it for the last 4 or 5 seasons but have come to rely on it more recently. I’ve found it extremely easy to work with. Though said to be disease resistant I find that it mildews most seasons on the pedicel. Otherwise it’s extremely reliable and the seed germinates easily. Last season I used it to produce a number of new hybrid banksia seedlings of which I have posted three to the internet.

The first four seedlings shown here as descendants are those I’ve posted. Thanks, Robert

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/l.php?i=A356&tab=21&lstTyp=256

I saw your babies on there like 2 weeks ago :smiley: I almost bought the child of Armada, Octavia Hill, 2 years ago. Instead I was lazy (didnt want to deal with own-root in August) and bought Sexy Rexy for the spot. I regret that because Sexy Rexy blackspots like clock-work midway through summer. Octavia Hill and/or Armada would have been a better choice for hybridizing I think. I didnt even find that Sexy Rexy set hips as well as others have reported. What about Armada and Octavia Hill?

I’ve never used Octavia Hill. I suspect it could be triploid?

Armada is very easy to use. One of it’s greatest faults in my eyes is that the range of colors in the seedlings seems limited to pinks and white but then I haven’t explored many pollen parents that would offer other colors. Fragrance seems very limited too.

Sexy Rexy isn’t good in the heat so I’ve never considered using it.

There are some quite good modern seed parents I’d like to acquire.

I forgot to mention that I did a few diploid crosses onto Armada this season and they all seem to have taken.

I used Octavia Hill a few seasons ago as a pistillate parent with out success. Hips did not develop.

I also agree with Robert’s assessment that Octavia is probaby a triploid. It’s not particularly winter hardy and never survived after a couple of winters (Z5)so that was the end of my attempts at using it.