Arginine for rose seed germination?

As discussed in another thread, nitric oxide is one of the triggers of germination.

The question is how can the amateur utilize NO safely? One possibility is to try the health food product arginine.

In the above please note: “Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide”.

The question is whether arginine will form some nitric oxide under rose seed germinating conditions. A 2006 report (linked below) does report that it enhances seed germination. See Figure 1 on PDF page 5.


Title: Polyamines and ethylene in the removal of embryonal dormancy in apple seeds.

Authors: Sinska, Irena; Lewandowska, Urszula.

Authors affiliation: Inst. Bot., Univ. Warsaw, Warsaw, Pol.

Published in: Physiologia Plantarum (1991), 81(1), pages 59-64.

Abstract: “Putrescine (Put), spermidine (Spd) and spermine (Spm) were found in seeds of apple (Malus domestica cv. Antonovka), in amts. that increased in the order given. The levels slowly decreased during 30 days of stratification. Exogenous polyamines (PAs) affected germination of isolated embryos in a way dependent on the type of polyamine, its concn., and the state of the embryo dormancy. The effect of Put and Spd on germination was stimulatory, while that of Spm was inhibitory. Stimulation of germination was also obsd. when embryos were treated with arginine, ornithine, and methionine. Canavanine inhibited germination, and this effect was reversed by arginine or Put. Ethephon, aminooxyacetic acid (AOA), and aminoethoxyvinylglycine (AVG) present during seed stratification had no effect on the levels of endogenous PAs. Put and Spd did not change ethylene prodn., neither during seed stratification nor during embryo germination, whereas Spm reduced ethylene evolution. Thus, Spm plays a role in the maintenance of dormancy by preventing ethylene prodn., while Put and Spd participate in dormancy removal, independently of ethylene.”