Aprikola - parents?

Does anyone here know the parents of Aprikola? On HMF it is mentioned as “undisclosed”. I would really like to know the parent line, as I think I will use it a lot next season.

I do not hope though that Kordes begins to keep such information as a secret. I have notes that Poulsen and Tantau have done that a lot. I don

The parentage is indeed still undisclosed. US patent information offers valuable information on parentage, if there is a US patent. I searched the patent database and there is no patent for Aprikola nor is there a patented rose with Aprikola mentioned as parent. However, I did find some new patents of the Flower Circus series of small floribunda roses. It’s a new line that is introduced in the US as well as in Europe, mostly as roses grown for pots. From the parentage information in the patents, which I uploaded to HMF, I saw that Kordes is using their own floribundas and crossing them with Noack’s ground cover varieties to create these roses.


Interesting news Rob, thanks. I will take another look at HMF.

Hopefully with time there will come more precise parent information

I figured that they were Rosa wichurana derivitives of some sort. I dint see how they couldnt be given the progression of time, the breeder involved and their particular nature.

Rosa wichurana derivatives sounds like a possibility Jadae.

Rob, do you have a link to this US patent database. It looks like a very good “rose parent searching tool” :slight_smile:


I use this link:

Link: patft.uspto.gov/netahtml/PTO/search-bool.html

My Aprikola has now got a nice yellow sport.

Still it looks like a Rosa wichurana derivitives in some kind.

I think I will try to grow it, if possible.


Maybe its bred from Jacobs Kr