Applejack - Experiences

I was hoping to pick everyones brain a little about Applejack.

It looks like it will be my most used rose this summer and its pollen will end up on quite a variety of roses. It produces a bucket load of pollen and I have been able to litterly coat any rose I am applying it on with several layers.

I was hoping to get some input on what people have witnessed as to results from using this rose. I have crossed it with several different climbers and several HTs. Just wondering what people have experienced.


I think it works only as a pollen parent.

It seems to pollinate itself pretty early.

I’ve made a few crosses of it on Greenmantle and eglanteria. Only two hips formed for each.

I made a cross on it using a spinissoma hybrid (don’t know what it is… something I got accidently)


I dont seem to be having as much problem with pollen shedding early as you seem to have experienced. Are there some environmental factors like temp that might be running into? I pull the flowers apart well before they open. WHen I do, I have not found shedding pollen. The stigmas are still pretty green when I am doing this. I have severl attempts at crosses that seem to be producing some hips. They could be selfs I guess but I witnessed littleno pollen when I emasculated the flowers. My temps have been in the 70s and low 80s for the most part

I am also curious about crosses where Applejack is the pollen parent. I have a hip forming on Gemini that most likely is the result of Applejack pollen.

I have several Lichkonigin Lucia x Applejack, Autumn Sunset x Applejack and Golden Glow x Applejack crosses that may be forming hips.

Golden Glow x Applejack and the vise versa are interesting to me because Golden Glow is not very far back in Applejacks parentage. I am curious as to weather this will encourage better results or the opposite.


I have raised many Applejack seedlings (I have found it makes a better male as well), but haven’t saved any. I’m not sure why, I think they weren’t vigorous enough. I crossed it with repeat shrubs mainly. I’ve been using its offspring lately, Summerwind, which repeats better, but is less hardy. I’d expect some stingy bloomers among the seedlings of Applejack, but I hope you get some keepers.

Good luck.