Apple fragrance in leaves

I have several siblings to this rose that have blooms closer to what I am looking for. This one however, has apple fragrance to its leaves. It does repeat bloom and has been healthy for me. So far it has been cane hardy, but a mild winter last year with snow protection.

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There is a light to mid old rose fragrance to the bloom.
semi double dark pink (red tone to the pink) lightening to mid pink with age.
I was planning on removing this plant to give more room to its sibling, but wasn’t sure if there is any value in it for breeding for fragrant foliage, or nothing more than others already offer?
Anyone have any thoughts about this plant?

I’m trying to figure out how to post pictures on here???

That would depend upon how it’s marketed. Some (myself, included) would find the scented foliage a desirable novelty. As long as it is as good as the other roses suited for the climate, that novelty may generate some sales.

Screenshot 2022-10-02 152855

Thank you!

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As you can see, nothing novel about the bloom: but some cold hardiness, combined with some fragrance, combined with some repeat bloom, might make it useful, combined with apple fragrance to leaves? Or will Applejack (which I have) be a better source or some other
rose with fragrant leaves?
This one doesn’t bloom enough to be marketable.
More thinking of breeding.

You aren’t going to know if it’s worth using until you try it. If you wish the scented foliage and if you feel this possesses potentially useful traits in any interesting direction, try it. Eglantine continues selling a few centuries after its “discovery” so there are those who desire that foliage scent. I grew it for years and would still if there were room and water wasn’t precious.

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If nothing else, I’d consider crossing it with Applejack…just to see if any of the resulting seedlings had stronger foliage scent. Applejack never made it to Australia so I’m only going off others comments that it’s foliage scent isn’t strong. Unlikely to get nice flowers from that cross but may create a better breeder for foliage scent.

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I, for one, love roses with that form. The additional foliage fragrance factor would persuade me to purchase/grow it!

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Thank you for the input!
I will certainly save some of its pollen to test. So far it has not set hips, but could possibly given time.
Maybe I’ll see if some of the other seedlings with fragrant leaves (from other crosses) will take its pollen and set hips.
It needs to bloom more freely, but some of the other seedlings could possibly bring that into it, provided it maintains cold hardiness and fragrance.