Anyone work with R. marrettii ?

I’ve recently acquired R. marrettii. This is the first species rose I have considered trying to incorporate in to my breeding. I usually don’t like the idea of trying to make that jump/bridge between species and modern myself (probably my lack of patience again…LOL)…but I am considering it with this one since it appears (visually) somewhat similar to rugosas. Has anyone worked with this one before?

Also, any particular articles any of you suggest that covers working with species crossed with modern roses? I know there is lots of info out there…I just haven’t kept track of where it is since I didn’t actually see myself going down this path until now.

Hi Michelle,

I’m not familiar with R. marrettii, but I sure do hope that you try some species crosses. There are some cases of extreme difficulty that you might have heard about, but in general, most species are fairly cooperative.

Best wishes, Tom

I am growing marettii for four years now.

Bought it for reasons similar to yours.

Here the plant I grow has little outstanding features to offer so was very little used for breeding.

The few seedlings I raised are looking quite like the species.

No wonder as the other parent was a complex diploid species hybrid.

There are so many roses species one can consider…

Thanks for the feedback, Tom

Pierre, how is the disease resistance of marettii in your area?

Michelle, did you receive my email about R. marrettii?


Peter, no…actually I didn’t.