Anyone using Viraghavanan's Clinophylla or Gigantea hybrids

Just wondering if anyone out there was using any of his roses. If so, have they been fertile. I don’t have a lot of room for climbers so I was looking at Silver Dawn, Out of India, and or Ganges Mist. I would like to try to cross them with Lila Banks or Out of Yesteryear.

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I have seed set using Silver Dawn and Ganges Mist pollen on Riverbanks. My clinophylla hybrids aren’t old enough to be reliable as seed parents.

I have ‘Amber Cloud’. I’m looking forward to using that one next season.

I have tried working with R. clinophylla for two seasons now and have had my first hips set this year. All previous attempts failed. The only cross that took was ‘Little Darling’ X R. clinophylla. I made the cross not because it was a first choice but because ‘Little Darling’ is a ho and if she won’t take difficult pollen, nothing will.

As a side note, I am disappointed to discover that my R. clinophylla seedlings get Blackspot here. I guess my climate is very different than its home climate. :frowning:

I tentatively have four seedlings I believe are the product of this cross. I say tentatively because they aren’t near blossoming stage as yet but so far seem to be miniatures.

Clinophylla IS difficult to work with both as seed and pollen parent but occasionally sets a viable hip. The seed germinates quite easily and the foliage of seedlings is often small until the plant acquires maturity.

R. clinophylla x (R. helenae x R. rouletii)