Anyone used 'Watercolour'

Just wondering if anyone has used Mr Moore’s miniature called ‘Watercolour’ (see link - drop the ‘u’ for US spelling - most of the photos on there are from my little plant)? Mine set a lot of OP hips this year and HMF shows a lot of descendants. It also seems it often passes on the blended colour pattern (that it got from ‘Rumba’ I assume), especially when paired up with yellows (e.g. ‘Rainbow’s End’ whenpaired with ‘Rise n Shine’). It almost looks like a blurry picotee pattern. My OP seeds have just been sown so I have no news on the fertility (anyone know?). Just wondering whether anyone has used it before and how it went? I’m thinking I might try it on a few more healthy roses (including a yellow wichurana based ground cover rose I have)to see how it goes.


HMF lists 165 descendants including some relatively well known ones. Apparently fertile both ways.

As I remember the blossoms are beautiful when fresh but have what to my eye is an unpleasant fade. The blossoms don’t shatter as they age?

This characteristic is a problem with many of the descendants of ‘Rumba’.

If this doesn’t bother you I’d go for it.

No… the blooms don’t seem to shatter as they age… and they do seem to change colour as they age… not so much a fade, but a complete chromatic shift (which looks nice with yellows I think). I had a few ideas; first was to go for a wichurana-based ground cover that is the yellow, fading to red with a mass of flowers so that when it matures it gives a ‘Masquerade’-like effect (tired of seeing all the pink, yellow, red flower carpets around here… they need sexing up a bit with stripes, bicolours, or blends )… second idea was to try ‘Safrano’ with it to go for a blended Tea-like shrub. Maybe something like ‘Buff Beauty’, ‘Fortune’s Double Yellow’ or ‘Mutabilis’ would be good with it too???

I’d guess ‘Watercolor’ is tetraploid but then mixing it up isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Be careful what you wish for and choose your parents carefully.

I know that Goldmoss, a first generation decedent of Rumba, changes color… but not in a pleasant way. It gets spotty and fades.

It also doesn’t release petals after blooming.

My second generation hybrid, Prospero X Goldmoss, has this characteristic. I would certainly think it does, since Prospero also changes color when it blues.

It’s so sad because it’s a beautiful bicolor, and actually a healthy rose. It just doesn’t change to a good color.

It does, however, have strong fertility… and this year I used it as the hip parent with the pollen of another bicolor, Ingrid.

This was kind of my thinking behind the ‘Fortune’s Double Yellow’ idea… and to some extent the ‘Mutabilis’ idea (that and it’s so healthy here and evergreen with a nice twiggy shrubby architecture), because both of these already change colour as they age and with varying temperature so I was thinking they may complement each other in a nice way and these two change colour nicely (to me)…

I guess with ‘Buff Beauty’ being a triploid (according to HMF), I should get a mix of triploid and tetraploid seedlings right? I’m also assuming ‘NOAson’ and ‘NOA97400A’ are also a triploid.

Does anyone know how ‘Rumba’ behaves with whites?

Hi Simon,

I looked at Flower Carpet Yellow (NOAson) and it is triploid.