Anyone get good results from 'Roserie de L'Hay'

I love this shrub, it was my first rose and the fragrance is worth waiting for every year in May. It reblooms but not as much as I’d like. For kicks this year I did finger apply a few times ‘Plaisanterie’ pollen as well as some others most likely one time or another onto some ‘Roserie de L’Hay’ flowers. Well, time passed and I got, in the vicinity of where I was sure I placed the pollen, a HUGE crab-apple or wild rugosa sized hip. I picked it when it went scarlet and the flesh started to crumple/look less “juicy”.

There were a good twenty plus seeds inside. They are now in the fridge. I then noticed a second one near it that is smaller which may or may not have been another flower I applied pollen on.

Then, I started noticing more and more hips on my plant. ‘Roserie de L’Hay’ is NOT known for its display of hips like other rugosas, and yet this year I now, after counting have over ten to fifteen red, decent sized hips that show no signs of aborting and are becoming fully ripe. The girl must have liked SOMETHING else in the garden for sure this year.

Has this ever happened to you? I was always under the impression this shrub was difficult to work with so I had given up pretty much all ideas of using it…has anybody gotten anything exciting out of it? Because so far the hips I’ve picked have proven to be full of seeds and that certainly LOOKS promising to me. I guess now I just have to wait.


Yep… Mr Moore’s ‘Green Ice’ is like that for me. Kim Rupert told me that success with this rose had always eluded Mr Moore but for me, here in Australia, I seem to get OP hips on my plants (I have about 100 GI plants… I love it) all the time and for the third year running I’ve got seedlings from it. My first was an OP seedling that you can now find on HMF as ‘Rose Tutu’, and the second failed early that was GI x multiflora, and I now have another very strong looking OP GI seedling growing and some GI x Veilchenblau seeds in the fridge. I’m sure it just comes down to location, location, location for a lot of these roses with infertile reputations. ‘Euphrates’ set seed on ‘Altissimo’ the first time I tried it (seed still in fridge) as well and I have ‘Temple Bells’ x ‘Anemone’ seedlings as well (though they don’t look good and probably won’t make it. Will be repeating this cross in larger numbers this season to see if I can get a broader range of combinations and something more thrifty).

Hi Max!

I am so glad your RDL’H hips (one of which I remember you photographed a few months ago now for us to admire), finally yielded a whole lot of seeds for you!

I love this rugosa, it is my favorite rugosa.

I have never seen RDL’H with more than the very occasional OP in my climate, but I have never deliberately crossed with it, so I can’t compare it that way for you.

Well done!

Simon, isn’t itvery strange! I’m excited as it means my plant must be really compatible with another rose somewhere in the garden if these hips are OP, which I think 80-95% are, the two larger ones possibly being the ‘Plaisanterie’ cross, which if it is indeed a cross, I will be EXTREMELY excited to see seedlings, as both are really good shrubs here, so far ‘Plaisanterie’ hasn’t shown that much of blackspot that I deem noticeable, though I’m laxer than most when it comes to blackspot, I totally accept some leaf loss or blemishes and leaf imperfections, a lot of other people are a bit more passionate about flawlessness, which I find to be a bit fatal in organic gardening.

The idea of ‘Mutablis’ genes and colors in a rugosa-type flower and fragrance, or a rugosa with Mutabilis red stems and bluer leaves or perhaps more perpetual bloom is highly attractive to me. I think ‘Plaisanterie’ has a lot of potential as a breeder…like kind of a dark horse- it has a lot of good things going for it yet it still seems kind of under the radar and not as popular and available as it should be. And of course ‘Roserie de L’Hay’ has one of the best fragrances around, and a really nice plant architecture.

I also am highly curious about ‘Lynnie’, I think she might be the key to get some good compact ‘Knockout’ like shrubs with even better pedigree.