Anybody try 'Wing Ding'?

I was very impressed with 'Wing Ding’s floriferousness and cleanliness. Has anyone tried it? Nearly all of the crosses where it was used as a pollen parent have failed for me. That won’t keep me from trying it again next year though.

Jim Sproul

I avoided it like the plague due to blackspot proneness.

I will try it’s half-sister, Teeny Bopper, next year, tho.

Yes, ‘Teeny Bopper’ is a great rose! I have it also.

Have you seen blackspot on ‘Wing Ding’?

Jim Sproul

More than once, locally.

Using anything from Lavaglut is playing roulette with blackspot, really.

What interests me with this one is its capacity for flowering. Definitely floriferous!

Jim Sproul