Any species or classes of roses with oblongular hips?

My most disease resistant rose is a found rose. It’s quite different from any other rose I own so I was wondering if the shape of the hips might give a clue as to class or a connection to a species.


That doesn’t look like much of a species rose to me…

Best guess- something kordesii-like. I get the same hip shape and leaf appearance with fat buds from my unknown red which may be Illusion. The seedlings from OP of it, pink once blooming and scarlet repeat, also have that long shape. Very nice coloration on yours. I’d check out the older climbers and shrubs from Germany for a possible match.

I’ve noticed that hip shape on some of my ground covers i.e. Flower Carpet Coral & some of the vigorosas.

I am guessing either a descendant of the caninae family or the wichurana/kordesii tribes. Or both :slight_smile:

It does remind me a bit of the string of Ag/Canadian hybrids involving Arthur Bell and Kordesii…

Thanks y’all. So not all kordesii hybrids will have resinous buds? What about ciliated stipules (this one has smooth stipules)? Also, are most kordesii hybrids very stiff and woody with thick, leathery foliage?

I am asking for a reason. This is my third year with it. I have one seedling from it this year. It was immediately distinct from my other seedlings and recognizable as to who the parent was. This year I used mixed yellow (tetraploid) pollen and have 16 hips- so I’m kinda wondering what I’m working with.

The elongated hip roses that come to my mind are Caninae and their derivatives (canina, eglanteria, glauca and dumalis). From my experience, their elongated shape also tends to be passed along to descendants fairly often (dominant?). I’m not familiar enough with the kordesii clan to comment on hip shapes of those.